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Arquivo Política — Política — Não vai ter golpe

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Política photographic archive — Progressive demonstrations in S.Paulo, Brazil — 2013–20

S.Paulo / Brazil

José Luís Silva

Hi, I’m Zé Luís, welcome to my photography portfolio. I live in S.Paulo, where I was born in 1969. I have a degree in philosophy (USP, 1993). For 22 years I have been working exclusively with the creation of a poetic-photographic work, and I exist as an independent artist. During this period I produced two books of photography: Queda (“Fall”) and Política Archive (or ArPo).

Queda — Berlim e Helsinque


Queda (“Fall”)

Queda (“Fall”) is a book of black and white photographic tales that brings together urban scenes, objects and people. It was made with films of different formats, from 35mm to 8×10″.

Queda — Berlim e Helsinque


Política photographic archive

ArPo, meanwhile, consists of an archive of photos and chants from the resistance to the 2016 parliamentary coup d’état, and the rise of the far-right to power in Brazil in 2018, which features records of seventy progressive public demonstrations that took place between 2013 and 2020.


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Queda (“Fall”)

Eighteen photographic tales

Queda — Quieto escuro — Roda S.Paulo
Queda — Adamastor — Três
Queda — Quieto claro — Rainha de Copas